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Summer Teen Spanish Camps

Teen SurfersISLS, the Institute for Spanish Language Studies, is a world leader in Youth Spanish Immersion Programs. Over the past 25 years ISLS has worked with thousands of students, parents, families and high school administrators to set up unique and educational summer programs. Each of our teen Spanish camps is designed to combine the learning of the language with fun, adventurous, educational and culturally significant activities, such as our exciting Teen Spanish and Surf Expedition visiting the many world famous surf destinations in southern Costa Rica.

For the summer of 2017, we are offering a great selection of options and locations. We have ISLS owned and operated teen camps in Costa Rica and we have affiliated camps in Spain. In Spain, our partner schools are in Madrid(Castilla), San Sebastian (coastal Basque Country), Cadiz (Coastal Andalusia), and Sevilla (inland Andalusia).We also have a wonderful Children's and Family Camp in Marbella (Costa del Sol). Please contact us for more information about these affiliated camps in Spain.

In Costa Rica our signature ISLS Teen Spanish and Surf Camp is offered in Playa Tamarindo. The Teen Spanish, Service and Turtle Rescue Camp is in Turrialba and the Caribbean coast. Our Teen Spanish and Surf Expedition is based in and around Playa Tamarindo and is for serious surfers who want to get the most out of their time in Costa Rica. The Spanish and Adventure Camp is also in Playa Tamarindo and the Travel Adventure Camp will travel all over the country, from Tamarindo through the northwest.

The youth camps in Costa Rica are designed so that students can combine multiple options in different parts of the country. Enrollment in all summer programs and camps is limited, so you will want to sign up in advance to secure your slot.

Below is an overview of each program with pricing and schedule information. All ISLS Teen Spanish Camps can be done either as a Residential Camp (traveling without adult supervision) or as a Day Camp (traveling with and lodging with adults outside of the camp). There is a different price for each of these options and for each of our camps. For complete itineraries, please contact us and we will send you out the most up to date info.

Teen Surf and Spanish Program (Ages 13–17)

This is the original ISLS Teen Spanish Camp that started it all and it remains the most unique program of its kind in Latin America. Students from ages 13 to 17 are eligible to participate in this exceptional camp. With interactive and intensive Spanish classes in the morning combined with afternoon surf lessons and weekend adventure tours, students will have an exciting and challenging study abroad experience.

This is the perfect option for high school students looking for a fun way to learn Spanish, while at the same time learning to surf in a sunny, tropical beach setting. Included in this Spanish Camp are 20 hours/week of Spanish classes, 4 half-day surf lessons per week, use of surfboards, lodging, three meals per day, weekend 2-day adventure tours, health/travel insurance and bilingual guides.

Surf Camp Price:

Residential Camp: $1450/week
Day Camp: $775/week

The Surf Camp takes place in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica, which is located on the Northern Pacific coast. Tamarindo is a world famous surfing destination with three different beaches and dozens of different breaks in the immediate area from which to choose. Most days we will simply walk to the beach to surf. All of this makes Tamarindo an ideal location for a surf camp. It is also a very safe beach for swimming, with a long white sand beach for lying out. It is a lively town with lots of banks, shops, stores and restaurants.

The Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica is a dry forest area. This means that it gets the least rain and the most sunny days, even in the green season. On the weekends we will visits different parts of the region. These tours will include visits to different volcanos, waterfalls, rivers and beaches. We will raft, zip line, horseback ride, kayak and hike along with other adventure activities.

It is important to us to help protect the beauty of the natural environment by having students participate in a beach clean-up each Friday. Other volunteer and service hours are available for those students needing them.

Start Dates

July 2nd
July 9th
July 16th
July 23th
July 30th
Aug 6th

Teen Spanish, Service and Turtle Rescue (Ages 14–17)

Want to experience the meaning of ‘Pura Vida’ in Costa Rica and make a real difference? This camp is for students who want to dive into the language and ‘Tico’ culture while at the same time working on community projects and saving endangered sea turtles. You’ll also experience the adventure that Costa Rica has to offer with rafting tours, jungle hikes, canal tours, repelling down waterfalls & zipping through the canopy.

Service, volunteer and environmental protection is the major focus of this two week camp. Mondays and Wednesdays, students volunteer at local orphanages, schools, churches and senior centers. During the middle weekend, the Camp will visit the Caribbean coast and participate in a Sea Turtle Rescue and Habitat Restoration Project. The final weekend we will volunteer in a remote mountain co-op community, dedicated to sustainability. By participating in needed projects we will improve the lives of those being served.

Included in this program are: 4 1/2 hours per day of intensive Spanish instruction Monday through Thursday, airport pick up and drop off, lodging with a local Costa Rican family, three meals per day (two with the family), full day rafting tour, 2 afternoon adventure tours, four afternoon volunteer opportunities Mondays and Wednesdays, three day Turtle Rescue Project, two day community service in remote village, study materials, all in country transportation, health/travel insurance and bilingual guides.

Volunteer Camp Price:

Residential Camp: $2895/2 weeks (No one week option)
Day Camp: N/A

Turrialba is located 1 ½ hours away from the traffic and congestion of San Jose in a beautiful mountain valley. There are 35,000 local inhabitants nestled at the base of a beautiful mountain valley. It is an extremely safe city, even by Costa Rican standards, with very low levels of crime. It is the major cultural and commercial center for the surrounding region. There is a main hospital, numerous banks, shops, stores, internet cafes and restaurants.

Start Date

June 17th
July 22nd

Teen Spanish and Surf Expedition (Ages 14–17)

The Surf Expedition explores the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. This area was made famous by Bruce Brown's seminal surf movie Endless Summer II. While our home base will be in Playa Tamarindo, we are able to surf all of the following beaches: Grande, Langosta, Avellanas, Mansita, Negra and Junquillal. Additionally, our two-day weekend surf tour will be to the most epic surf spot in Central America, Roca Bruja (Witches Rock) located in the Santa Rosa National Park!

With the Surf Expedition we do 2 hours/day of classroom Spanish lessons at our private language institute in Tamarindo. The rest of the day is dedicated to surf and an opportunity to practice your conversational ability with our Tico surf instructors and locals. The in class instruction will be from 8 - 10am or 1 - 3pm, depending upon the tide, which ensures the optimal surfing times and conditions.

Each weekday, students will have at least two opportunities to surf. There is a dawn patrol that will go out before breakfast. Tamarindo is a great surfing beach and if the tide is right an early morning set is a must, as there are fewer surfers in the water. For the location and times of the other daily surfing sessions, the lead surf instructor will check tides, swells and what beaches have the best conditions. Having our own van means we can go anywhere we want and when we want.Surfing the Pacific coast of Costa Rica is on every serious surfer's bucket list.

Surf Expedition Price:

Residential Camp: $3195/2 weeks
Day Camp: $875/week

Included in the Residential Camp Option are: 10 hours/week of Spanish classes, daily access to quality surf boards, surf lessons (if needed), lodging in our own surf compound, three meals per day, weekend 2-day surf adventure tour, all in country transportation, airport pick up and drop off, health/travel insurance and bilingual guides.

Included in the Day Camp Option are: 10 hours/week of Spanish classes, daily access to quality surf boards, surf lessons, one meals per day (lunch only), all transportation needed each week day, health/travel insurance and bilingual guides.

While the Expedition is mainly meant for intermediate to advanced surfers, beginners can join too. All of our instructors are local professional surfers and lifeguards. A portion of each student’s program price is donated to the local Surf Rider Foundation.

Start Date

June 18th (2 week program or Day Camp)

Teen Spanish and Adventure Camp(Ages 13–17)

The Teen Spanish and Adventure Camp is in Playa Tamarindo in Guanacaste. Because of the great year round weather and proximity to numerous beaches and protected forests, this area of Costa Rica is the perfect place to experience adventure tourism at its best. The camp is located at our Spanish immersion center located right on the beach and in the center of town. This tropical, dry forest beach setting captures the beauty of nature at its finest.

The camp is designed for active and adventurous students who are interested in combining intensive Spanish lessons with daily adventure tours. Each morning we will have 4 hours of Spanish lessons, followed by afternoon tours. Then on the weekends we explore different parts of the region on an overnight trip to volcanoes, rivers, forests and national parks.

Adventure Camp Price:

Residential Camp: $1550/week
Day Camp: $875/week

Included in the Residential Camp option: All adventure tours and activities, four hours per day of Spanish instruction, all course materials, lodging at our camp compound, three meals a day, health/travel insurance and bilingual guides.

Included in the Day Camp option: All weekday adventure tours and activities, four hours per day of Spanish instruction, all course materials, one meal a day (lunch), all weekday transportation, health/travel insurance and bilingual guides.

As with all of our camps, it is important to us to help protect the beauty of the natural environment by having students participate in a beach clean-up each Friday. Other volunteer and service hours are available for those students needing them.

The Adventure Camp is only done two weeks each summer. Most students combine this with one of our other camps to have different experiences while in Costa Rica. This camp is meant to seamlessly continue a student’s Spanish education, while giving them some challenging and fun afternoon experiences.

Start Dates

July 9th
July 23rd

Teen Travel and Adventure Camp (Ages 13–17)

The Travel Camp is held the final week of the summer and allows us to get out of Tamarindo and see what other parts of Costa Rica are like. We put less emphasis on in-class Spanish lessons and more on experiential learning through cultural immersion. Because we are not tied to one location, we can see and experience all aspects of the places we visit and get off the beaten path.

Costa Rica is one of the most diverse countries in the world, with over 20 micro climates. The Guanacaste region is the southernmost dry forest area in Central America. This makes it very different from the rest of Costa Rica which is mainly tropical rain forest. The region receives the least amount of rainfall in the country and has a very unique flora and fauna. It is also the reason for the abundance of white sand beaches and aqua blue waters.

The Travel Camp starts off in Playa Tamarindo and is one of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations for those looking for fun in the warm, tropical sun. This is a dry forest area with substantially less rain than the rest of the country. We will attend 2 mornings of Spanish Classes from 8am to 12pm on Monday and Tuesday. In the afternoons, we will have a Surf Lesson one day and the next Zip Line. On Wednesday, we head north to explore some of the hard to find and most beautiful beaches in the country. We can Kayak, Snorkel and Stand-up Paddle Board. While in Tamarindo we lodge at our Teen Camp Compound near the beach.

On Thursday, we head out by public bus to city of Liberia, the capital of the province. Here we will visit the Town Square, Main Cathedral, Central Market, the Cultural Center and Historical Museum. This is not a tourist town, so students will be immersed in the culture and the language of Costa Rica. Students interact directly with locals in Spanish and eat typical food in typical restaurants. We will stay at a small youth hostel near the center of town.

On Friday, we will head up into the hills to the slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. Along the way we will visit hidden waterfalls and swimming holes, where students can jump from the rocks into the deep and refreshing waters. In the afternoon we will visit the National Park and hike deep into the primary forest. Here we will see an abundance of wildlife and soak in thermal hot springs. Saturday is filled with adventure activities including zip lining, horseback riding and inner tubing. The weekend’s adventure is topped off with a visit to the rejuvenating natural mud baths.

Saturday evening, we return to Liberia for a Farewell Diner and one final night’s lodging. On Sunday, students are either picked up by their parents or transported to the Liberia Airport for their flights home.

Travel Camp Price:

Residential Camp: $1495/week
Day Camp: $650/week

Included in the Residential Camp option: This 1 week Adventure Camp includes: 8 hours of Spanish classes, study materials, 8 nights lodging, all adventure activities and tours, three meals per day, all in-country transportation, airport drop off at Liberia Airport (LIR), health/travel insurance & bilingual guides.

Included in the Day Camp option: 4 days of camp, Monday through Thursday, 8 hours of Spanish classes, study materials, 1 afternoon surf lessons, 1 zip lining tour, 1 day long hidden beaches adventure tour and 3 lunches. Airport pick up and drop off are NOT included in this option, nor is lodging.

Start Date

July 30th

You can find more detailed information: itineraries, references, dates, and prices, at Please feel free to contact us with any questions by phone or email: (800) 765-0025,

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